Ask Right Questions To The Basement Finishing Company Before Signing A Contract

A basement in the house might be the messiest place in the entire house. Have you planned to clean it up and renovate it into one of the best places to relax and hide? Well, if you haven’t, its time to think about it. You might want your kids to feel safer when they go into the basement, which is so dark and messy that it seems to look like a haunted house.

Once you have decided to go ahead with your idea of a basement finish, you must now choose the best company to provide you with the best service in the town. How are you going to find the best company that is fit to do your job? You might have to spend some time on it by reading reviews, surfing on the internet, asking people, and whatnot.

We ease this job for you. Cellar hills Contracting Company provides the best renovations in Toronto, Canada. They have experience of more than 12 years and will provide you with the best quality workmanship and best designs. Experts in this company will help you to choose the best design for your basement.

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Things you might want to know before hiring a finishing company


The first thing you might want to know about the company is that if they have a proper license to do business. A genuine contractor will not hesitate to show you the license or proof of insurance. You must demand required documents before selecting a company.

Past works:

You must know how well do they know about designing before you hire them. You must ask for samples of previous works in basement renovations and how many basements did they renovate in the past.

Contract details:

Your contract must be well-detailed and must be in an understandable language. Everything must be mentioned in the contract to avoid later confusion. A company that is reputed and based in Toronto will surely provide every detail in the contract without even asking.

A contract must contain details about the total cost, starting date and finishing date, insurance cover, amount of raw materials, and policies.


You must be able to communicate with the contractor when he is working on your project. It is very important to know the progress of the work done. A well-reputed company will certainly provide you with progress details every day or at least every alternate day of working.

Working Approach:

You must consider the working approach of the company and look for the best one by comparing it with others. It is a competitive market, and you might find a better deal with more qualities in other companies as well. Choose the best one with offers suitable for you.

Handling change in orders:

Sometimes you might want to add something in your order, which might add cost and time taken in completing the project. You must know how good is your company in handling changes in orders and what will be the consequences of doing so.