Can CBD Really Act In Solving Eye Health Problems?

Nowadays CBD products are gaining a lot of popularity worldwide, especially CBD oil. It is used for various therapeutic and health benefits. But CBD comes in various forms of product and people chose what is suitable for them. The general ways people use CBD are –

  • by consuming as oil, capsule, chewing gum, tincture or edibles.
  • through transdermal patches
  • by topical application such as cream or lotion
  • inhaling through vaping

Recently, even eye drops with CBD as an active ingredient came out in the market. At first it was difficult to achieve because CBD oil could not mix well with water. But to make the product effective the CBD in the product needs to infiltrate the tear film of cornea. Thus, they extracted the CBD through CO2 extraction technique and then turn it into nano-cannabinoids.

Nano-cannabinoids are easily absorbed through water and therefore can work effectively on the eye. If you are still worried as to ‘how to find CBD products near me’, search it online and you will get many options to compare from. JUST CBD Store is one the best choice you might get. They not only deal with manufacturing the products in USA but also take up the global distribution.

CBD And Eye Health

Getting old inevitably brings about changes in our body and gives rise to various health issues. More significantly the eyesight deteriorates and many eye ailments pop up. Health issues like cataract and glaucoma are very common in old age. Although common it may cause serious damage to your vision without proper treatment in time.

CBD oil with its attractive health and therapeutic benefits provides an alternative option to reduce and prevent eye health problems. Therefore, people sought after CBD eye drops to fight eye problems like glaucoma and macular eye degeneration. People who have used CBD have said that there is considerable improvement in their condition.

What Does The Research Say?

Researches in this area are still at preliminary level. But, it can be said that CBD has some potential in affecting the health problems related to eye positively. It may improve eyesight significantly in cases of glaucoma, macular eye degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa. It also slows down the process losing eyesight and improves night vision.

In case of glaucoma, the intraocular pressure or commonly called eye pressure increases more than the normal range. Few studies before showed that use of cannabis helped in reducing the eye pressure temporarily. With THC the pain also reduced for approximately four hours, but it induced a panic reaction. CBD can replace THC as it has no psychoactive effect.

For cataract there is no substitute therapy. You have to opt for surgery. But with CBD’s anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, it may help in recovering and relieving the pain after the surgery.


All the above conjunctions are yet to gain acknowledgment through more scientific studies. There may be some manifestations of its usefulness, but you can never replace prescribed medicine or use it without the doctor’s permission.