Important Things One Should Know About Different License Types, Classes and Conditions

Driving license is an important document that you must have to drive on the road. It contains information about your identity and the vehicles that you can drive on road. If you have turned sixteen then you can apply for learner’s license. You can choose a professional driving school to learn driving rules and regulations. There are different types of license that you can apply for and then book your classes accordingly. This post will help you with the facts about license types, classes and conditions.

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Types of License

  • Learner’ License
  • Open License
  • Provisional or restricted license


License types are differentiated on the basis of the vehicles you will drive. If a certain condition is mentioned over your license then you have to follow the same. The common license types are discussed below:

  • Motorcycle license allows you to drive motor vehicles with two wheels. If you have a learner’s license then you have to drive without a trailer. The driving license will be issued on the basis of class of your vehicles. The two wheelers and three wheeler vehicles come under the class code RE. The maximum engine capacity of the vehicle should be 660mL.
  • The vehicles under the class C Car are the motor vehicles that are with or without the trailer and it do not include motorcycles. The vehicle should not carry more than twelve adults and people with C learner license cannot drive any specially fitted vehicles.
  • The Light Rigid or LR vehicles are those whose Gross Vehicle Mass is not more than eight tones. The vehicles include bus, trucks and mobile cranes. The medium rigid or MR class vehicles are more than eight tones GVM. The vehicles that come under MR class are bus, truck and prime mover. These vehicles should not contain more than two axles.


  • ‘A’ is the condition in which the driver is allowed to drive the vehicles that have automatic transmissions.
  • ‘B’ is the condition in which the driver is allowed to drive vehicle with the gear box.
  • ‘S’ is the condition in which driver is allowed to drive with corrective lenses.

These are some important facts to know about the license types, classes and conditions.