Top Tips on Choosing a Reliable Air Conditioning Service and Installation Company

As the summers approach, heat and humidity makes it difficult for everyone to complete the tasks without literally breaking in a shower of sweat. Air conditioning brings a much needed relief in these hot and humid months.

Purchasing an AC unit and its professional installation are two important steps you need to accomplish to enjoy relaxed and comfortable environment in your home this summer season.

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Factors to consider while purchasing an AC unit

There are two major factors that govern your decision of buying the right air conditioner. They are:

Size of the unit:

  • An undersized AC will not provide sufficient cooling of the internal air in your room.
  • An oversized AC unit will increase the humidity which will make it uncomfortable.

Capacity of the unit:

  • It is measured as the hourly capacity of the unit in efficiently removing hot air.
  • The capacity of AC in tonnes should be based on the size of the room.
  • A small office room needs just 1 tonne AC unit while a large space greater than 1500 square feet needs a minimum of 2.5 tonnes.

Market is flooded with energy efficient and zero noise air conditioners. If you have purchased a new unit this season or have got a deal on the old one, the next step is installation of the conditioning unit.

A guide to select a reliable installation company

The task of installation should always be accomplished by professional and experienced hands. Some tips that can be helpful in choosing the right installation and service company the air conditioners in your house or office space are:

  1. Ask your friends and colleagues for referrals.
  2. Try and choose a company that fulfils your purchase of the AC unit, installation, and future maintenance all under one roof.
  3. Check out post-sale services and offers provided by the company so that you know you are in safe hands if you need professional assistance for minor breakdowns as well as major repairs.
  4. Check if they can help you in creating a new circuit, wiring, and metal brackets for wall mounting.
  5. Check if they are licensed to complete necessary inspections and get permits if required.
  6. Licensing also ensures that the workers of the company are trained and well-experienced in carrying out the job at hand with maximum precision.
  7. Read their insurance and liability policy to get a fair idea of what you can expect if things don’t go the intended way.
  8. Ask the company for a complete office address and the method in which grievances are attended by them. This gives you the confidence that your problems will be attended without delays.

Choose a national accredited, reliable, and well established installation service company. An air conditioner is an expensive purchase and might not provide you expected results if it is not installed correctly or serviced and cleaned regularly.