Industrial Lighting – Some Essential Tips For Choosing The Right Fixtures

Industrial lighting is necessary to create a comfortable and safe working environment for employees of the organization. Lighting devices should be selected depending on the specifics of the activity.

The main functions of industrial lighting are:

  • creating comfortable conditions for the safe work of employees;
  • uninterrupted lighting for continuous operating of workmanship;
  • Creation of a favorable climate for the psychological state of people working in production.

Most often ceiling lamps are chosen for lighting industrial buildings.

To select the right lighting fixtures, you should pay attention to their characteristics.

What are the criteria for choosing industrial lamps?

First of all, the device must meet safety and efficiency requirements. It is better if it has a low weight and low cost with a long service life. The higher the unit of light produced, the better the luminaire.

There are a few more criteria to consider when buying:

  • The minimum amount of glare that a working lighting device creates. For this, it is better to choose luminaires with a reflector. They illuminate the maximum area at the optimum brightness level;
  • Lighting should be uniform. This will allow you to change the location of the workplace in the process of activity;
  • directional light stream allows you to change the brightness if necessary;
  • if the specifics of the activity are such that dust constantly appears in the room, it is advisable to choose lighting devices with reflectors on the lower part;
  • capable of withstanding the harsh industrial environments like shocks, vibrations, high temperature and chemical vapors;
  • Should be durable and reliable. The long life of lightings will avoid frequent need for maintenance and care. This will save a lot of money and time;
  • No unwanted flickering and too much glaring effects. The light fixtures should be designed to provide stable lighting for better performance of workers. A flickering light will disturb their eyes and can lead to accidents while working with heavy tools and machineries. A much glaring light can also affect the vision and can reduce their productivity.

You should choose the industrial lighting with below features

  • High Luminous efficacy and intensity;
  • Better luminous flux and lumen depreciation over time; lighting fixture should not fail to provide same brightness over a short period of time. This will make workers feel uncomfortable.
  • Less damage factor for better longevity in harsh conditions. Lighting should be able to withstand high temperature and pressure due to machineries and chemical vapors;
  • High color rendering and Kelvin color temperature to cover the large working area.

Manufacturers offer halogen lamps, fluorescent and LED lighting fixtures

Fluorescent lamps

Among their advantages is long-term use, high level of efficiency, and increased light output. The lamp will not stop working due to a voltage drop. During operation, the surface heats up only to 50 ⁰С.

With halogen lamps

They are attractive due to their efficiency and compactness. They can operate on direct or alternating current. The average service life of such a lamp is up to four thousand hours, but with careful use, the service life can be increased three times.

Several manufacturers offer infrared coated lamps, which extend the life by 45%. Experts noted that bright white light allows to achieve color reproduction of surrounding objects without refraction. However, such lamps should not have points of contact with other material.

LED lights

Today they are the most popular. Most often they are installed in warehouses and in production. In industries, other types of lighting are increasingly being replaced by the installation of LED industrial lamps. Among the advantages of LED lamps are:

  • short payback period;
  • low energy consumption and higher output;
  • cost reduction due to the introduction of new technologies in the production of lighting devices;
  • continuous improvement of the quality of work and an increase in the service life;
  • creating a comfortable level of illumination in the room, which contributes to an increase in labor productivity;
  • operational safety;
  • reliable construction;
  • free from emitting UV radiations. This avoids attraction of bugs at workplace;
  • lightweight body that does not require special handling conditions;
  • a powerful stream of light with low energy consumption;
  • high level of protection thanks to the all-metal aluminum profile.

When choosing luminaires for industrial buildings, you can always ask a question to a specialist who will help you make the right choice. This approach will help create the optimal lighting level for the job.