Blocked Drain Cleaning and What Causes Drain Blocking

If you ask any plumber what kind of problem keeps them occupied, then their answer will be drain clearing. This is one activity that keeps them engaged most of the times, among all other plumbing issues. Every homeowner in Australia must have tackled this problem at least once in their life time.

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Actually, following are the main reasons of drain blockage that every homeowner needs to be careful about.

1  Greased fat

Mostly kitchen is a source of fatty substance, which solidifies into the drain pipe and as a result drain gets blocked. One should therefore drain either hot water or certain drain cleaner time to time to prevent blockage.

2  Hair

While shaving or washing hair, some of your hair is likely to flow into the drain and may block in the longer run. Few products are available that can catch the hair.

3  Any foreign object

Often due to carelessness of any home member, who may throw certain object or sanitary items that can create a serious block?

4  Trees and leaves

If your house is surrounded by tree then tree leaves can often cause drain blockage. Also, tree roots are another culprit that can block your drain from under the ground.

5  Poor workmanship

Often quality of the drain is also responsible for frequent blockage of drain. You must get it corrected by hiring a professional plumber.

How to clean blocked drain

If you find your drain has blocked then following are few methods that you can apply.

1  Use boiling water

This is easiest method to clear the drain clogging, if it is due to oil or fats deposition within the drain. Boiling water can melt them and clear the blockage.

2  Natural cleaner

You may also drain bi-carb soda followed by white vinegar and they may chemically react to produce oxygen and clear the blockage in the drain pipes.

3  Caustic cleaner

There are few caustic cleaners like hydrochloric acids available in the market and if you drain them then it can react with all types of blockages to clear it. However, this can also be harmful to environment.

4  Plunger

Plunger is very useful for all kind of solid blockages, and however it may not be very effective in case there is grease build-up and other mineral deposits.

5  Snake and CCTV

If you call any plumber then he may use plumber’s snake and with the help of CCTV he can track the exact blockage location to clear it. You too can buy such snake from the market.

6  Hydro jet

Another method often plumbers use is a powerful water stream with the help of hydro jet. The amount of water pressure that it will create can force out all kinds of blockage present within pipeline.

7  Excavation

If all the above methods fail then finally you will have to excavate the area, which is identified by plumber and clear the blockage.