Tips For Selecting Lighting Fixtures For Different Areas Of Your Home

Light fixtures can change the entire look and style of any room. The same lights when installed in different ways can make a big difference as well. It is very important to be thorough when it comes to selecting lights for any room.

If you are redecorating, and wish to know more about selecting light fixtures, we got everything covered right here. However, before we start with some tips, it is crucial to understand a few things about lights.

3 key points about lights

There are 3 important points concerning lights that will help you pick better lighting fixtures, they are:

  1. Illuminance
  2. Color temperature
  3. Color rendering index

1. Illuminance

Usually, when anyone is out to buy lights, their main requirement is to buy something which will brighten up their space. This is exactly what is known as luminance. It is the total luminous flux occurring on a surface.

Commonly, 100 – 200 Luxes is appropriate for rooms like bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, storeroom, and even porch. As far as the living room is concerned, you need something around 100 to 300 Lux, and for any works areas, it should be ideally 250 to 500 Lux.

2. Color Temperature

Color temperature is measured in Kelvins and is a way of measuring light’s appearance. Usually, this is termed as warm or cool. The higher the Kelvins, the whiter the light color temperature is. There are primarily 3 types of color temperatures –

  • Soft White: It is 2700 to 3000 Kelvins
  • Warm White: It is 3500 to 4100 Kelvins
  • Daylight: It is 5000 to 6500 Kelvins

3. Color Rendering Index (CRI)

CRI is a measure that expresses the ability of any light to reveal colors or different objects. CRI ratings range from 0 to 100. The higher the CRI, the better is the light. Under lights with higher CRI ratings, red will look proper red, and green will look proper green.

Selecting lights for different rooms

Living Room:

This is a multi-functional area of your house, and you will be gathering friends and family here. Also, you will be reading, talking, and watching TV in this room, and all this means you need to adopt a more diversified approach when it comes to selecting lights for this room. Checkout options like ceiling lights, pendant lights, recessed, or track lights.


The bedroom is an area where you want to relax after a hard day’s work. Therefore, keep lights which help in relaxing the mood and keep the ambient soft. Avoid hanging or ceiling-mounted lights. Best is to stick with, well-diffused ceiling lights, lampshades, small reading lights beside the bed, etc.

Dining Room

You certainly want to showcase your taste and style in this area. So, add fixtures that can attract the attention and mostly hang a nice pendant light or chandelier right above the dining table.


You are going to be engaged in a lot of activity in this room. Therefore, have good task lights, track lights, under the cabinet lights, and some ceiling lights installed.


Usually, the basic ceiling mounted lights are enough for the bathroom, but keeping the design and style in mind, you can be as creative as you want. Don’t forget to install a light right above your mirror for accurate reflection.

These are all general guidelines and not hard and fast rules. However, keeping them in mind will surely prove to be helpful.