Distractions While Driving That Can Give You A Fatal Blow

There are many people who tend to handle multiple jobs at one time. Maybe you can manage it if does not demand high concentration from your part to do the work. However, it is a completely a different issue when you do it while driving. Whether it is just grabbing a drink, eating or getting a quick glance at your mobile phone, it is extremely dangerous when you are behind the wheel.

Given the fact that a car travelling at a minimum speed of 60km per hour can cross more than 30 meters in just 2 seconds, you should know how important it is not to lose focus even for a second. When you encounter a hazard on the road your alertness can speed up your reaction time and you counteract spontaneously.

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These are the common distractions while driving which needs correction –

Using Mobile Phone

Nowadays, who doesn’t use mobile phones all the time? But it is highly risky action if you are behind the wheel. It is a major audio and visual distraction in today’s life. No matter if it is sending a quick text or just reading the notification, please do it after you park your car.

Eating and Drinking in The Car

Avoid gorging yourself up with food and drinks when driving. Smoking in the car can also be detrimental. It is hardly reasonable that you can drive properly with a hand on the steering and the other hand grabbing your food or drink.

Driving While Intoxicated

‘Drink and drive’ are illegal. When you are intoxicated or do drugs before driving, you would lose your reasoning ability to a considerable extent and definitely cause accidents.

Passengers and Pets

Undisciplined children and pets can lead to chaos and distraction. Even when the other passengers are adults when acting lively and chattering away; it can cause momentary distraction.

Music and Navigation System

Now, most cars come with stereo system and navigation system. You cannot discard these features of your car, which has usefulness. Just try to trim down the volume of the music and set your destination beforehand rather than changing it mid-road. Even if you need to do so, stop your car at a safe place and change it.

Drowsiness or Fatigue

Fatigue can cause drowsiness or reduce alertness (daydreaming). This distraction can cost your life if not careful. Have some energy drinks if you must drive in that condition.

Staring at Occurrences Outside the Car

There might be some happenings like accidents outside which attract your attention while you are driving by, but never lose focus on the road for that. Just a glance is fine, but gaping to understand the situation might lead to another collision.