Useful Tips to Prepare for Your First Driving Lesson

With increasing population and traffic, there is a magnanimous increase in the number of cars on the road. So, it becomes important that every driver needs good driving skills to ensure theirs as well as the safety of fellow drivers and pedestrians. It also helps to avoid road accidents and unnecessary traffic conditions.

To be a safe driver, you can book your driving lessons Glen Waverley with Pass First Go. They have experienced and skilful instructors who will teach you all the driving skills and techniques needed. With their comprehensive driving lessons, once you finish your driving test you will be an excellent driver. You also have flexible timings at your convenience.

Once you have chosen your driving school and booked a lesson package, you will meet your instructor and you are behind the wheels for the first time. It is normal to be nervous the first time. Knowing what to expect on your first lesson beforehand will help you feel comfortable. Continue reading to know them.

Before your first driving lesson, get some sleep, have your food, wear comfortable outfit, non-slip shoes, take your glasses if you need them and do not consume alcohol the night before. If you have consumed alcohol then avoid driving. It is good for your safety and as well as everyone on the road. Just postpone your class to the next day.

If possible, you can read the rules of the road beforehand. This way, you can also impress your instructor.

Learn the layout of the car. Only then you will be confident during your first driving lesson.

Make sure of the pick-up place and be punctual.

Once you are in the driving seat, make sure that you are seated comfortably. Make adjustments needed from the normal setting.

While driving, it is necessary that you keep the safe distance from everything in your surroundings, be it other vehicles, animals, pedestrians, trees etc.,

Pay your full attention while driving otherwise there is a higher risk of fatal accidents. It is better to avoid smartphones while driving. Even few seconds of distraction may cause severe damages.

Be comfortable with your driving instructor and listen to his instructions intently while driving.

At first it may seem like there are too many instructions to take on board. However, everything becomes easy as you get more experience. So, feel relaxed and enjoy your driving lesson.

Mistakes are common. Almost every learner makes mistakes. Don’t let them spoil your first driving lesson. It is your introduction to driving and your instructor will have so many tips to help you learn from your mistakes. Even at worst conditions, you get the reassurance that your instructor got the dual control to help you out.

Lastly, ask your instructor about your doubts when you don’t understand something. Even if you have passed the theory test, when you are driving for the first time, you will feel confused and nervous. Instructors are there to teach you and help you to become a skilful driver.