A Brief History About The Discovery of CBD

Over the last few years, CBD has captured the attention of people and generated lots of interest. CBD is now considered a important medicine for plenty of ailments and people are now relying on CBD to get relief from insomnia, anxiety, inflammation, and so on.

Now it appears that we cannot imagine our life without CBD, however, its entry and discovery in our daily life was, in fact, quite recent. Just a couple of decades back, CBD was not as popular as seen today and rather CBD products were totally banned, and to find them was almost impossible.

In today’s scenario, it is difficult to believe, however, the fact remains that only very few people were even aware of this compound in spite of it was discovered “officially” by a few medical researchers.

So when actually was this CBD discovered? And how much time it took to get recognition after its discovery? We will try to answer all these questions and a few more in this small write-up. Today, you can happily buy CBD ositos de gominola even for your children from JustCbdStore, but let us peep into the struggle that took place to get acceptance of CBD.

The first use of CBD as per record

Most of us may not believe this, but the first recorded application of CBD was dated back to 2727 BC when the Chinese emperor Sheng Neng used to drink a tea that was cannabis-based. He used to believe that it could offer him relief from gout, malaria, and a bad memory.

People during those days had no modern scientific research facility, but they had the understanding that cannabis is helpful to cure many of their ailments. After countless centuries mankind started acknowledging and understanding the power of CBD.

How was CBD finally discovered?

In 1940, Roger Adams a Harvard-trained chemist extracted CBD successfully from cannabis. Later Dr. Raphael Mechoulam took it up from him and worked further. In 1963, Mechoulam defined the CBD’s chemical structure.

This created a foundation for how the cannabinoid could be used for therapeutic purposes. Years later scientists could also discover the exact THC chemical structure. This discovery linked the euphoric and psychoactive effects of THC and how CBD was different.

Few milestones about CBD

  • 1911 – Many states started banning the “Indian Hemp,” which is also called marijuana.
  • 1973– Oregon faced lots of reaction for decriminalizing cannabis use.
  • 1980-2000 – CBD trials showed promise to provide relief from pain that helped to get some amount of popularity.
  • 1996 – The California state legalized medical marijuana use.
  • 2004 – CBD could help a girl to reduce her 300 seizures per week. CBD and also medical marijuana became more popular.
  • 2018 – Finally, Farm Bill was accepted, legalizing the sale, production, and purchase of various CBD products all across the U.S.


No doubt people’s perception about hemp, marijuana, and CBD has changed a lot but still, the biggest block that this industry has to encounter is acceptance from the FDA and their regulation.

Due to this reason, many spurious products are gaining ground in the market and as a result, often the public confidence in the CBD gets eroded. Also, further research is needed to fully explore the entire benefits of CBD.