How to Keep Customers Calm At A Physical and Online Store?

Customers top the priority list of any kind of business. Keeping them calm and satisfied is a goal for every business. Unhappy and angry customers can ruin your business reputation. Other potential customers are turned off, which can be distressing. It is necessary to create a warm atmosphere in your physical store and even online e-commerce site to maintain customer satisfaction by offering the best services.

How to keep customers calm at a physical store?

At a physical store, you can choose custom floor mats. Wondering how customers stay calm with a professional doormat? Some appealing reasons to invest in logo mats include –

  • 60% of trip, slip & fall injuries in the US are connected with the retail and wholesale trade sector.
  • High traction entrance door mats will offer customers better protection against expensive and possibly fatal accidents.
  • Floor mats allow keeping your store interiors clean and germ-free.
  • Customers feel safe because they are aware that your business is making the effort in keeping the facility clean and hygienic.
  • A good first impression sends an optimistic message to visitors entering your premises.
  • Cleanliness and hygiene are of utmost importance to specific sectors like hospitality, healthcare, and food services.

At Ultimate Mats, you can find high-quality, durable, and slip-resistant floor mats for heavy traffic.

How to keep customers calm at an online e-commerce store?

In the eCommerce landscape, the expectation of customers is high. Offering satisfaction to every customer is what businesses strive for but is challenging. Things go wrong like deliveries are delayed, products break during transit, and there are ongoing complaints. Bear in mind, all complaints are not bad they can trigger a positive result. Here are some tips to turn a customer’s anger into satisfaction.


  • Never take customers’ remarks personally. They are angry with the product or service and not you. While buying your product they had some expectations, which did not get fulfilled. Taking it personally can make the situation worsen, so no negative words while handling an unsatisfied customer.
  • Never use the wrong sentence that suggests the customer is incorrect. The customer does not desire to hear this now, even if you are telling the truth. Positive language helps to tame a fiery situation. Use affirmative language to instill confidence and start turning a damaging situation into an optimistic one.
  • Resolve their issue, if possible. If you are unable then honestly discuss this with the customer, so there is no further damage. Collaboration allows resolving a problem as fast as possible.
  • There is a possibility that an unsatisfied trust level has been damaged, so it is necessary to rebuild and maintain the faith. If it is your mistake, it is normal. Work a little more to repair the damaged relationship. Customers need to realize that your business cares and understands their issues. Know the customer’s order history and background, which reveals that you are competent to help the customer.
  • Show empathy! It does not mean agreeing to everything the customer is saying but indicates you actually understand their feeling. In this way, you can relate with them personally. Showing empathy allows de-escalating the problem and revealing your respect towards the customer.

Dealing with unsatisfied and angry customers is tricky but not impossible. Allow them to vent their frustrations and then approach them with patience, empathy, and respect!