Natural Candles Have Many Benefits

A candle can be a great way to warm up your feet after a hard day at work. It is hard to beat the warmth, the light flickering, and the wonderful aromas.

Aussie candle supplies offer natural candles that are perfect for your home. Do not wait to switch to natural candles if you have not done so already. Natural candles are so much better than the nasty, paraffin-based alternatives that you’ll be unable to resist switching. Here’s a rundown of the many benefits of natural candles

Why are natural candles superior?

Natural candle making don’t pose a risk of exposure to potentially dangerous chemicals.

Candles have traditionally been sold containing base ingredients that increase the toxin level when burned. What causes toxic substances to escape into the air from candles being burned? Here are a few examples:

Paraffin wax

Paraffin candles can be made from petroleum, a nonrenewable substance that contains carcinogenic chemicals.

These substances can be released into the air by burning.

It is possible to avoid being exposed to harmful chemicals with organic waxes like coconut wax or soy oil.

Metal wicks

Some candle manufacturers use metal core candles. These wicks have been shown to emit lead and zinc in the air. This can then be inhaled as well as being deposited on floors or walls. Therefore, metal-cored candles are not a good option.

Wicks made from natural materials like hemp, cotton, and wood are better options than metal-cored.

Natural Candles Burn Longer

Natural waxes can last longer due to their lower melting point. This will allow you to enjoy your favorite candles for longer periods and get more value for money.

Because it has a lower melting temperature than paraffin, soy wax is better for safety. This reduces the risk of skin burns from accidentally ingesting melted wax.

Natural Candles Produce Less Soot

Natural candles burn cleaner. Black soot will not gather on the candle or creep onto surfaces in your house.

Natural Candle Wax is Biodegradable

Natural wax can be biodegraded, making it easy to clean up any spillages and to re-use the candle containers.

We can see that soy wax is made from soybeans, as an example.

Soy wax is a vegetable oil that has been hydrogenated and then solidifies at room temperature. Soy wax is an alternative to paraffin wax, as it contains no artificial substances.

You can help support local and small businesses

Natural candles are becoming more accessible in larger stores. But there are still many artisans like us at Aussie candle supplies who make all-natural candles.

Aussie candle supplies would love to help you try natural candles if we have inspired you. We are grateful for our loyal customers. Our natural candles are made using beautiful soy candle wax and carefully chosen fragrance oils to stimulate your senses.

Natural Approach

Your exposure to harmful substances and chemicals will be reduced if you choose a more natural approach for certain items in your daily life.

These dangerous ingredients might even be concealed under the “fragrance” name.

Natural candles will not cause harm and provide warmth in your home.

You have the option to choose from many options. Natural candles are the best!

Easier Cleanup

We’ve all been there. Your little one likes to get the wax out of his fingers so he puts his finger in it.

The wax is everywhere, all over your counters, couches, and dog.

Be assured, there is good news.

Natural candles are far easier to clean than paraffin candles. This is because most candles can be easily cleaned using soap and warm water.

Paraffin wax is notoriously sticky and smudgy. Unfortunately, that’s what we learned the hard and painful way.

Imagine all the better things you could accomplish with your time if it wasn’t spent cleaning up paraffin wax on floors and counters. A soy candle may be able to save you some time cleaning.