Commercial Floor Mats and Workplace Safety

The majority of workplace injuries are caused by falls, and sliding and tripping are two of the most prevalent causes of these floor mishaps. Unsafe floor conditions not only jeopardize your company’s productivity and reputation, but they also endanger your workers’ health, well-being, and, in extreme situations, lives.

The good news is that there are several easy measures you can use to make your workplace flooring safer, such as business floor mats. Even better, there are several various kinds of floor mats to pick from depending on your facility’s individual needs.

Commercial Floor Mats’ Safety Advantages

The proper selection of floor mats for the appropriate region in your business may considerably enhance working conditions. Here’s how it’s done:

1. They Protect Against Slip and Fall Accidents

Floors may be overly slippery as a result of excessive cleaning/polishing or moisture tracked in from shoes or spills. The proper floor mat gives a layer of traction to assist reduce slip and fall incidents. A slip and fall accident costs an average of $20,000, and defending a slip and fall claim may easily cost $50,000! Because slip and fall incidents account for around 30% of all workplace injuries, you must implement a slip-prevention strategy that includes floor mats to safeguard your staff, customers, and company.

2. They Help To Alleviate Fatigue in the Lower Back and Legs

Anti-fatigue mats are specialized mats created for locations where personnel must be on their feet for lengthy periods of time. These mats are constructed of a substance that encourages equal weight distribution on various sections of the foot, which helps to alleviate tiredness in the lower limbs and lower back. These micro-movements and improved weight distribution also encourage better blood circulation, which helps to avoid long-term damage to the nerves, muscles, and bones of the lower back and legs.

3. They Provide Anti-Bacterial Protection.

Shoes’ soles track and drag all kinds of filthy stuff all over the floors, from basic dirt and pollen material to revolting traces of animal and faecal matter, not to mention a slew of disease-carrying germs. And even a modest number of these noxious microorganisms may introduce a variety of dangerous illnesses into your establishment. Fortunately, extremely abrasive scraper mats are available to help wipe off dirt and debris and keep it from migrating to your flooring. Even better, there are anti-bacterial floor mats that trap bacteria and other infections, as well as the illnesses they transmit, preventing them from spreading throughout your organization.

4. The Model Provides Clean, Dry, And Safe Mats.

Enlist the assistance of a reputable mat rental company with expertise, experience, and a team of helpful and friendly consultants who can help you make the right mat choices for your facility’s floors for the best selection of commercial floor mats for your facility.

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