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The blog strives to make academic research findings accessible to the general public to promote good social change. Why write for Transforming Society?


  • Write 800-1000-word articles.
  • Suggest a title.
  • Send six keywords and a 40-word intro.
  • Send us any image recommendations.
  • Provide your Twitter handle so we can promote you.


  • Be relevant: Do you have a unique perspective on a news story or debate?
  • Be opinionated: Unlike academic writing, writing articles provides you the flexibility to express your perspective. This is your chance to explain WHY your issue is important. How can your job change society?
  • Highlight noteworthy case studies to help tell a story.
  • Consider your research’s main message and why it’s important. Your article should emphasize this.
  • Write as though addressing a layperson. To gain the maximum views on an article, you should target everyone rather than just your field.
  • Include relevant links on your blog.


  • We’ll plan your article’s publishing date, but it may alter if a news event arises. We’ll reschedule your post ASAP.
  • We may edit your post.
  • We may not utilize inappropriate or non-compliant content. We’ll work with you to address any concerns and make improvements when feasible.

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